MPF Inspections Group

MPF Inspections Group carries out building inspection services around Melbourne, our building consultant, Michael Silverstein, has been in the building industry since starting his carpentry apprenticeship. He is a registered builder and qualified carpenter with extensive experience in most aspects of the residential building industry.

We Manage Inspections of All Matters


I approach each inspection from the perspective of “would I let my family buy this property”

My job is not to tell you to buy or not to buy any particular property but to give you the information you need in order to make an informed decision. Each property purchase is made from a different perspective, are you buying for investment? Are you buying to live in it? If the property needs work, are you capable of doing the work?


MPF Inspections Group, can carry out the following inspections for you.

Pre purchase building and pest inspections are done before you purchase a house and should always be done before you sign a contact of sale.

 Even with the clause  “…. On condition of a building inspection” it is very difficult to get out of a signed contract. Please call me to discuss why.

New construction stage inspections, are carried out through the build process at various stages to ensure that the builder is following Australian Standards, allowable Tolerances and Codes.

Depreciation schedules are done on your investment properties, to maximise your tax deductions on your investment.

Dilapidation reports are done to document the condition of your property before work starts on a neighbouring property to protect your property from any possible damage.

How It Works

From the moment you engage MPF Inspections Group, Michael will take over, communicating with the agent to arrange the inspection time, keeping you informed at every step. He will complete the inspection and call you after to give you a verbal rundown of the house / apartment.

The report will be written out and you will have the comprehensive report with photographs and explanations the same night.

Our Services

Pool fence and barrier inspections servicing South Eastern Suburbs and all of Melbourne


Pre purchase inspections


New construction stage inspections


Depreciation schedules


Dilapidation inspections


Pool barrier safety inspections

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a building inspection, can’t I trust my builder?

Of course you can trust your builder, but most builders, especially if it is a large building company, have supervisors that can have 25-30 jobs on the go at once. A lot of supervisors rely on their trades to do the right thing, unfortunately some of the tradesman don’t know all that they should

My builder told me that he has to have inspections done, isn’t that what you do?

Your builder will be talking about the mandatory inspections done on behalf of the Building Surveyor. The difference between us, is that the mandatory inspector checks for requirements and not for quality, ie; the mandatory inspector, at handover will check only for what is required, he won’t mind if there is carpet or tiling on the floor or if they are stained or chipped, neither are requirements for an occupancy certificate.

Why should I have a building inspection?

A building inspection will find any defects in the property that you are thinking of buying.

It will give you peace of mind knowing that the house you see is actually the house you buy.

It will protect you from buying a property that may have hidden costs that you can’t see, and identify any items would stop you from buying (a lemon)

How quickly can you do it?

I can usually inspect within 24 hours and you will have the report, 24 hours after the inspection. If there are tenants in the property the agent needs to give the tenant 24 hours notice.

We have used Michael for two building and pest inspections and both times he has done an absolutely amazing job. Michael was very thorough and we received elaborate reports with photos and explanations down to a tee. Very impressive! The second time he even came out on a public holiday which we greatly appreciated. I can’t recommend Michael highly enough. He is professional, reliable, very thorough and knowledgeable, and he will go above and beyond to make his customers happy. Great work Michael – thank you!


I was given a recommendation to use Michael’s Building and Pest report while searching for my first home, and he exceeded my expectations. Michael was extremely patient and took the time to explain the findings of his report over the phone. I’m not particularly savvy with building/construction knowledge but forwarded the report to my folks (retired engineer and architect from interstate) and both agreed his work is thorough and very professional. Above all it was clear that Michael wanted to support me to make the most informed decision about a huge financial commitment. He is a top quality professional. Highly recommend his service to anyone who places value on thorough due diligence! 

Kat Ferrer